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Coaxial Cables

The Cable

Many consumers, when they think of " coaxial cable , " tend to think it refers only to the cabling used by cable and satellite companies for cable TV. However, this is only one example of coaxial cable. In this article we will define what makes up a typical coaxial cables as well as go over a few common types.

Coaxial cable revealed.

Coax cable is defined as any cable with the following properties:

Each of these components plays a specific role. Let's take a look atwhat a coaxial cable is used for:


There are many different connectors that can terminate a coaxial cable. We will now go over a few of the more common connectors.

inside and rca connector

coaxial connectors

rf demodulator

Crimp-on, solder or twist-on?

There are 3 main styles of each connector available on the market. With each of these styles the coaxial cable must be stripped in such a way that a portion of each component of the cable is exposed:

Types of Coaxial Cable

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