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Bulk Fiber Optic Cable for Sale

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Fiber Optic Adapters, Converters & More

Shop bulk fiber optic cable, one of the most popular types of long-distance networking cable available, at CableWholesale. Fiber optic cable is commonly used in data networking configurations, and features an encased cable design containing strands of glass fibers. These fibers allow data to transfer at quicker speeds over longer distances, which is one of the primary reasons why many major communications companies are quickly switching to fiber optic. CableWholesale is your one-stop shop for bulk fiber optic cable and supplies, as we have an assortment of configurations for virtually any application. Our wholesale pricing and flexible ordering allows you to order large quantities of fiber optic cable for any commercial or residential job.

We offer fiber optic cable for sale in several popular configurations, including singlemode duplex and multimode fiber optic cable. The primary difference between these two types of cables is that singlemode has a smaller core, which actually allows a signal to travel further. In general, singlemode fiber optic cable has a core that usually measures 9. On the other hand, multimode fiber optic cable has a larger core (usually 50 microns), which often equates to a lower-quality signal over long distances. You can use our multimode duplex fiber optic cable (available in 50/125 or 62.5/125 options) for shorter distances, but we definitely recommend our singlemode duplex fiber optic cable for longer distances.

Aside from our selection of fiber optic cable for sale, we also offer essentials such as fiber optic converters, connectors, and supplies. Our Ethernet fiber optic converters are great for converting Ethernet signals between Ethernet and fiber optic-based networks in a variety of configurations. We also supply fiber optic connectors -- including dust caps, network couplers, and other low-cost parts -- to keep your cabling in great shape and to ensure that it’s always neat and tidy. Last but not least, don’t forget to explore our selection of MTP/MTO fiber, which includes plenum-rated fiber optic cable with fire-retardant plastic jackets. Get the fiber optic components you need from CableWholesale today.

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