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VGA (video graphics array) cables are some of the most common cables used to connect external displays, such as external monitors, projectors and HDTVs. VGA connectors are marked by their distinctive 15-pin design, which is most commonly found on standard VGA cable. This selection includes a wide variety of cables and supplies for connecting external monitors and TVs, including SVGA VGA cable, VGA to DisplayPort cable, VGA splitters, VGA extension cords, VGA switches, VGA to RCA cables and much more. Most bulk cables from CableWholesale come backed by a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re getting great quality.

Looking for bulk Super VGA (SVGA) cables? We’ve got you covered! These cables are a good choice for anyone who wants to block out interference and electronic noise, as they tend to feature more shielding. They also deliver better resolution. We also supply a great variety of VGA accessories and add-ons at CableWholesale, including VGA extension cables for lengthening your existing cables (ideal for HDTV setups), plus VGA splitters that let you split a low-resolution video signal coming from a computer so that you can display the same image on two monitors.

In addition to bulk VGA cable, we also carry common solutions such as DisplayPort cables. These are the next-generation monitor cables compared with standard VGA and offer up to 8.6 Gbit/s data transmission rate, which makes them a popular choice for connecting to HDTV monitors. The problem with many displays is that not all computers and monitors use the same standard for connecting. That’s where a good VGA adapter comes in! You can use a DisplayPort to VGA or a VGA to RCA cable to connect devices that don’t share the same type of connector. If you have any questions, feel free to take advantage of our live chat option for advice.

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